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I work with individuals; children, teens and adults in all of life’s stages. Whether you are considering counseling for yourself, your child or teen it is my motivation to facilitate a therapeutic relationship in which hope, joy, emotional healing and positive change can be implemented in the lives whom I work with.


Depression, Anxiety, Trauma Recovery, Anger, Transitional Challenges, and Grief


Play is the language of children. Play therapy provides the opportunity for the child to express what is deep within them in a way that is comfortable to them. Trauma has negative impact on brain development. In session the play facilitated, and other activities such as yoga and art expression help bring healing to the child. Parents have opportunities for receiving instruction on how to help the child to be a young person who thrives in their behavior and attitude in the home and school environments.


Life can be hard and at times simply unfair. Stressors such as physical and mental health diagnosis, work (or lack thereof), parenting, being an adult child, being married or single all have their own unique challenges. Sometimes trials from the past have a way of continuing to haunt you if not dealt with in healthy way. It is my desire to help you to not only survive the challenges you're facing in life, but to thrive amid them.


Today’s teens are experiencing depression and anxiety at an unprecedented high rate. This is evidenced in the increased number of attempted suicides for this population as well. Therapy provides them with opportunities to learn new coping skills that are within their reach and discover their own strengths. Regular integration of parents in the session is highly encouraged in order to help the parent and teen increase in understanding of one another and to model healthy communication for out of session.


Marriage takes work, hard work that starts from the moment that you say, “I do.” It requires two individuals giving 100% of their effort. Compromise, listening more than speaking, forgiving one another, and choosing to be kind when tempers flare are some key issues that are addressed in marital therapy. Sometimes couples need help to get through a rough patch. Sometimes, it just helps to get pointers to strengthen the most important relationship in your life. Whatever your motivation for considering marital therapy, I want to help you and your spouse to find new joy in your relationship.



Gillian G. Haygood

Licensed Professional Counselor

(Gillian is under the supervision of a LCSW at Owens and Associates, LLC.)


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